The pictures you will see on this page are one of a kinds. Just the originals exist , there are no cards and no prints available. Some of them were created to be places in which I could experiment textures and techniques I had been thinking about. Some of them exist because I love certain themes and like to return to them now and again as they are comforting to me. The Indian Corn pictures are a good example of images I like to do over & over. And, some of them are here because it was nice to do smaller less complicated pieces now and again in between the larger ones I do. 

I hope that you enjoy browsing through them .

The Sweet Gum picture is SOLD.

Pine Cone in a 5' x 7" ornate frame.  $ 125.00

Acorn & Maple Leaf $100.00   

Acorns with a Sugar Maple Leaf was inked while I was in the cabin at Platte Clove Preserve in NY  during my residency there. It is a collectible sized small original at 2" tall and about 3 1/4" wide. It is double matted inside a rustic style wood frame.


Gourd Brocade $ 400

I watched the gourds grown up and through the trellis and thought how the deep colors and the vines entwined in and around looked like a rich brocade .  This inking is about 15" wide x 11.5" tall double matted inside a 16"x20" frame. 

Gourd Brocade Detail


Autumn Collection   $200

An inking of some of my favorite things in Autumn, mini pumpkins and a colorful gourd with their prickly vines.

The image is 5" x 12" double matted inside a smooth black 13" x 19" frame (outside measurement)


If you wish to purchase one of my pictures please contact me by phone or email and I will get back to you ASAP to discuss the easiest possible shipping and payment methods. I accept Visa/MasterCard, American Express , PayPal and of course cash or checks. With the exception of originals (which come framed and double matted) all prices are for unframed prints. Shipping is included in all prices

Chelsea , pretty as a picture. The newest member of the household.  I met her at the SPCA and she is proof that an older cat brings as much love & fun into your life as a kitten will.

I didn't know how much I needed her till she got here. What a princess.