Fallen Egret Feather



I spent February of 2014 as the artist in residence for Big Cypress Preserve in south Florida. It was there I walked the "river of grass" to discover for myself the beauty of a Cypress Dome which is a growth of Cypress trees growing together in deeper water . This is the reward for trudging through shoe sucking mud , to arrive at this cool still clear water and to wade in and be overtaken with the rich beauty of bromiliads and orchids overhead and  varieties of ferns growing in abundance everywhere. Add to that the birds...egrets , herons, wood storks and others, so many others. Breathtaking!  In the center of these domes is the gator hole, a deeper pool dug out by alligators through the years. This girl stayed away from the center but it was wonderful to be there. This is the first of a collection of inkings I hope to do. When I arrived the duck potato plants were just starting to flower. I watched egrets pick their way feeding on small fish in the shallow water between them. I inked this picture of a feather fallen beside cypress knees (their roots) and the plant as it was a typical sight to see with so many birds living there. 

The original will be donated back to Big Cypress as thanks for their welcoming me there.  Limited Edition Signed & numbered prints are available however and they are 7.25" wide by 10.5" tall and are $45.00 each.

Dusky Pygmy Rattler

I didn't go looking for rattle snakes but kept an eye out for them, which is different. It's also smart if you like to hike in their territory.  I both dreaded and hoped to see one .  These Dusky Pygmy Rattlers are small snakes as the adults grow to about 16" or so . I inked this one traveling over ground surface you are likely to find in Big Cypress; fallen palm leaves, sea shell fossils, ram horn snail shells . I designed two Celtic knots entwined together as the border for either side, as a reminder that all of nature is dependent on the health and well being of the creatures and environment shared together with it.  Snakes are scary to some folks but I can't help but admire them for their beauty and purpose in the world.

The original is 6.5" x 10.25" and available framed and double matted for $350.00 . Limited Edition signed and numbered prints are available as well for $45.00.



I just love the way the wild Morning Glories crawl their way up the corn plants turning their faces towards the sun. This corn was planted on the property of the Dixon Family, and so the picture is named for them. Thank you for letting me sketch in your fields xo

The original is 7.5" by 13" and is framed and double matted for sale at $400.00

Limited Edition signed/numbered prints are also ready for $ 65.00

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