Victoria Water Lily

I was there when they cleared out the giant lily ponds at Longwood Gardens and had the chance to handle and get a nice (dry) close up look at the design on the pads.  In this picture I wanted to show off the fabulous design of the leaves and try to share how they unfurl from a ball and then accordion out to lay flat upon the water.  Add to that wonder; the mystery of the flowers. They open in the evening as female , white, smelling sweetly of pineapples. They attract the beetles who happily climb in. Then the flower closes in the morning. It reopens the following night, pink and male and releases it's prisoners who go off in search of more females to pollinate. 

The original is 10.5" tall and 23.5 " long, double matted in a narrow brown frame.  It is for sale for $900.00

Limited Edition prints are also available one size only 6.5 x 16" approx . sized to fit inside a 10 x 20" frame. In other words, same proportions , just smaller to be practical. They are $75.00.

A Gathering of Carnivores

A Gathering of Carnivores was inked because like many others I think carnivorous plants are so interesting. They, like many beautiful sights in nature, flourish in areas not really frequented by people.  Swamps and wetlands are better suited for water fowl, snakes and amphibians but they are important to the overall balance on the Earth. In short, we need them to survive. In this picture you'll find Northern Pitcher Plants , Green Pitcher plants and Sun Dew.  These are found here in Delaware as well as New Jersey and southward. These plants attract insects with their sweet scent. The insect crawls into the throat of the plant and cannot crawl out thanks to the hairs that line the inside of the plant. The Sun Dew also absorbs insects for nourishment but it is covered in a sweet sticky substance that a insect cannot resist or escape from. Do you  notice the fly far right? If it gets past the carnivorous plants...will it escape the three frogs? An observer to the "gathering" is the baby Bog Turtle.  It's life is worthy to be considered, prayed for and cherished as it is on the endangered list.

The Original is double matted inside a dark 18'x 24" frame. The image is 12 x 18" and is for sale for $1200.00 . Also available are signed numbered (200) archival quality prints. The large print is 10.5 x 15" and is $80.00. The small print is 7.5 x 10" and is $45.00 . Purchase information is at the bottom of this page.

Chickadee & Ginkgo

A cute little Chickadee sits among the Autumn Gingko leaves. The image is 8" x 6" and compliments the Blue Jay feather on the Fallen Feathers page here on my website. The original is available framed and double matted for $ 350.00.

Limited Edition prints of the chickadee $ 40.00 

 Catching Crickets

Beautiful blue Clematis distracts the cricket as he winds his way around the rocks. This is a scene that plays out many times at my house. I do my best to rescue every cricket I can , much to my feline friends dismay.  Truth is; if you love a cat you love a killer. We all have our parts to play in life.

The original is SOLD

Limited Edition Signed and numbered prints are also available

Large Prints (near 15" x 11") are $80.00

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